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Sustainable building is the founding purpose of Zirnhelt Timber Frames Ltd. Our leading edge approach to environmental, social and community-based economic sustainability reflects and supports the lifestyles and aspirations of both our residential and commercial clients. This commitment is backed up by professional designers and craftsmen with a passion for dependability, quality and sustainable building principles.

Timber Frame Houses, Timber Frame Commercial Buildings and Timber Frame Outbuildings

Zirnhelt Timber Frames

Zirnhelt Timber Frames is a full design-build company with one of the largest portfolios of custom builds in the industry.  Our pre-fabrication system creates a level of efficiency and quality control allowing us to deliver cost-effective projects throughout BC, Alberta and the Yukon.  We have a particular interest in designing and building community-based projects. These include daycares, health centers, administration buildings and culture and heritage infrastructure.

Zirnhelt Timber Frames started in 1994 as one of the first FSC-certified custom sawmilling operations in BC.  located on the Zirnhelt family ranch in Beaver Valley BC.  Initially, Sam and Damon’s goal of purchasing the mill was to pay for their university degrees and it has grown through their commitment to building quality, healthy homes and commercial buildings.

The company supports sustainable forest management and rural economic development. The ZTF team of highly skilled and energetic craftspeople is dedicated to creating the best value possible for our clients. We focus on green building techniques, using local products and environmentally sound building practices, and we understand rural lifestyle and the needs of people looking to build in rural settings.

 Zirnhelt Timber Frames designs, engineers and builds hand-crafted timber frame houses, timber frame vacation cottages, chalets, timber frame commercial buildings, timber frame barns and other timber frame outbuildings. Whether it is a basic structure or a complex dream home, Zirnhelt Timber Frames has the knowledge and skills to accomplish the task in a professional manner.

Our in-house design service is based on deep consideration of clients’ unique lifestyles, budgets, environments and building sites.  In addition to the architectural plans required for building permit we offer energy modelling, mechanical system design and structural engineering services.

For clients out of region we typically complete a weathertight package (timber frame, walls, siding, windows & doors, roof with insulation and finished ceilings and soffits) allowing us to put the building under our home warranty.  We work closely with general contractors to ensure a smooth transition.

Future proof your investment with CHBA Net-Zero certification.  Ask us about the BC Energy Step Code — we’re already building to Step 5 which will come into effect in 2032.

CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builder

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